The Strangest Things Dogs Do !!!!

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The Strangest Things Dogs Do !!!!
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luxury dog beds howling
Ok, this might not seem that strange for a dog, even though most dogs don’t howl at all. It is a behavior that is almost always misunderstood though!
Howling is a completely natural Wolf behavior. Since today’s domesticated dogs are descendants of Grey wolves, they have inherited countless instincts and normal wolf behaviors. Before reading further, understand that a howl can mean one of many things, not just one thing in general.
When mose of us think of a wolf howling, we assume it has something to do with the moon. Some people think the wolf is sad or lonely, because what sounds more depressing than a long, drawn out howl? Pictures of wolves howling at the moon can be found everywhere! In reality, howling is an intricate form of communication, has absolutely nothing to do with ‘the moon’, and so complex human biologists don’t even fully understand it! No, the dog probably isn’t sad or depressed
handmade fabulous dog beds tail
Chase Tails.
Almost every pet owner has seen at one point. We usually think the dog is just trying to play with himself. Also, like most other behaviors, this can have several meanings beyond simple play!
Boredom and excess energy
Confinement in small quarters with restricted movement
Anxiety or stress
Fleas or irritated anal glands
Canine compulsive disorder
Compulsive disorders, although rare, can also cause excess mounting/humping, but can be treated by a veterinarian.
fabulous dog beds butts
Sniffing Crotches and Butts.
Any owner with multiple dogs has seen it at least once, usually not understanding what it means. Why does he like the smell of that ones butt so much?
When it comes to people, most owners draw the line between gross and strange to an unwanted nuisance. It can even get pretty embarrassing!
For dogs, it is completely natural and normal to want to know what’s going on down there. Is she in heat? What is this one’s gender? How is he feeling today? Butt sniffing for dogs is a bit like ‘speaking with chemicals’, and it is as natural for them as smiling for us.
Women give off a different scent during ‘that time of the month’, which will drive any dog wild with curiosity! Unfortunately (unlike dogs), most women don’t want other people to know what is going on because that would be very strange indeed.
fabulous dog beds uk hole
Digging Holes.
It might seem odd, to watch your pup bury his favorite toy or bone. It certainly doesn’t help the yard at all! So why do they do this?
It isn’t because they are playing in the dirt. This is actually a deeply ingrained instinctual behavior stretching back thousands of years, when wolves had to bury their kills, or portions of their kills, to prevent other predators from eating their prize. These instincts can really make for that annoying dog walk having to bring your dirty pup back into the house. We all know the struggle.

fabulous dog beds weeUrinate on Everything During Walks.
Have you ever wondered why your pup seems to want to pee on every single raised object, tree, or garden gate you two pass on your walks? He can’t actually still ‘need’ to go! It has already been, what, five times? You would almost have to wonder whether or not he has a spare bladder in there somewhere.
There is a reason for this, just like everything else. Because dogs have such a powerful sense of smell, they are able to discern things about other dogs long after they’ve departed the area- from their pee. Dogs urinate often in order to leave their scent on things, not necessarily because they ‘need’ to go.

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