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 1.  Hello and welcome to our NEW BLOG Page.

This is our first Blog so we will probably make a few mistakes along the way ....but keep the faith !.

We have been commissioned to make a Tsar dog bed and the client wants it to faithfully represent the famous Moscow Cathedral.

So this is going to be an on-going blog charting the design process from the very start of the project through to the finished dog bed.

The first thing we do is draw up picture of the Cathedral to give us an idea of colour and feel  ,then start to work out our colour pallet for the upholstery fabrics.

Now we have an idea of what the Cathedral  looks like and the true colours used , we can now start thinking of what colour fabrics and what textures of fabric to use.

We also we have to keep in mind that this is a dog bed so it has to be practical as well as beautiful...



 2.  We now have a general  idea of what colours to use on this new project.

Blue and Green would seem to be the strongest as well as Gold and Sienna , we now have to think about how we are going to work these colours in to our Tsar dog bed design .

We also need to establish what texture of fabric to use  as well.We would normally go through our entire range of velvets satins silks ect  but in this instance our client has specifically asked for a rich velvet.I should also mention at this point that the client is a resident of Moscow hence the specific design criteria.



Above you can see a photograph of the Cathedral with its fabulous onion domes ,golden finials and  vibrant colours.It was built between 1552 and 1562 The actual design of the building is ment to represent a flame of a bonfire  rising into the sky.The cathedral is now a museum in Red square.

History lesson over !!

So our next blog we are going to discuss what colours we have chosen and work out how we are going to use them in our design.


 3.  Colours and fabrics are the next thing we need to address.



Above are exact examples of each of the Onion Domes and as you can see the most prominet colours are Green & Gold

This will be our colour palette

We now need to think about the actual dog bed our client has chosen..

The Tsar

If we break down the actual components of this Dog Bed we end up with...

The Onion Dome shaped back

2 rolled bosters

2 bolster supports


Front & side borders

Outside back


We now need to decide on the fabric.

In this case the client has already specified Velvet ,so the next step is to select the Green and Gold velvets from our extensive range.


4. velvet selection

 Above you can see the Designers Guild velvet palette we are going to choose from.

We are going to choose just one one Gold and one Green  velvet from the palette and then we are going to work them in to our design.

We also have to think about piping and are we going to use it as a contrast to emphasize  the shape of the back -bolsters -cushion ect.

Also we have to consider the legs and are we going to gild them or put a painted finish through them.

In our next blog we are going to make templates of the bolsters -inside back-and borders and work out a design pattern.




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